Ciudad Real, the city that no longer exists.

Ciudad Real is a small city, capital of its province and it’s between Toledo and Córdoba. It’s the city where I studied, and where I spend part of my summer holidays.

Ciudad Real is an old city, founded after the Battle of Alarcos (1195) and it should have preserved its momuments and old houses… but it didn’t.

If you come to Ciudad Real, you’ll see one of the ugliest cities in Spain.

But it wasn’t so, not long ago.

Old City Hall:

Old Railway Station:

Old Seminary (on Alarcos Street):

Secondary School (for boys) on Caballeros Street:

Old Consistory on Cristina Aguilera Street (the arc still exists today):

House of Vicente Rubio (photographer) on Ciruela Street:

If you want to know more, you can visit the following links: (official City Hall web)