About me

Photo by Alejandro Polanco

ADELAIDA SAUCEDO lives in Miguelturra, a small town near Ciudad Real, Spain. She used to live in Madrid, where she taught English full time in a Secondary School. Her experience as a teacher is the origin of some of her stories. She is not sure if it says something good or bad about her and her students.

Due to health problems, nowadays she is retired from teaching, and she sorely misses it. But life goes on.

She loved teaching, but she adores writing. So she has been writing since a very young age. Sometimes, she combines both loves, teaching and writing, and writes about writing.

in her spare time, she likes to take photos and drawing, even if she doesn’t draw very well. Also, she loves baking and cooking, but her health doesn’t allow her to do it as much as she would like.

She likes to write what she loves reading, and she reads a lot and across many genres. So, she has created three worlds, and writes all her stories setting them on one of these universes. Yes, she’s keen on worldbuilding.

The first world is a fantasy one. So you can find magic, elves, dragons, dwarves and everything else. But not in the usual manner.

The second world is one that seems to be ours, but with enough differences to know that it is not our world. Some of the stories set in this world are what now it’s called Urban Fantasy, but it also contains her dark stories. Expect demons, ghouls, angels and other creatures. But you can find also dystopias, alternatives futures…

Finally, the third one is a science fiction world. Three hundred years have passed since the war that divided humanity into three factions. But war among us is not the only problem. There is life out there, and they don’t like us.