Warpaint (A Cadence Drake Novel) by Holly Lisle

What can I say about this book? The greatest praise I can do it is to say that I began reading it on Friday and finished on Saturday. I couldn’t put it down until I reached the end.


At the end of Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood, we left Cady in a bad place. But you don’t need to read the first book to enjoy this one (although I recommend you to read it, because it’s quite good).

The novel begins with Cadence Drake in deadly danger, as at the beginning of Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood, but again, this is only the start. Because things are going to go downhill from that point.

The pace is breaknecking, the plot twist, most of the time, are unexpected and the characters are likeable. As a reader, you care for them.

No place to run, no place to hide…

The job sounded simple enough; locate a space miner’s missing wives. Quick. Easy. Painless. As a professional finder of lost things, Cadence Drake has learned in the hardest way imaginable that there’s no such thing as a quick or easy job. For the past year, pain has been her constant companion, and death her only refuge.

When she falls into the middle of a horror that portends the end of trillions of human lives, and everything that human beings have created throughout settled space, she seeks the last people who know that she’s still alive, looking for a way to fight the unthinkable evil she’s discovered.

Now she and four special ex-slaves face off against the end of all worlds, giving themselves to the thing they most fear in order to save what they most love. They’re outnumbered billions-to-five, and they might already be too late.

Darkout is coming.

And Cady’s coming with it….

WARPAINT Snippet: Cady goes home again

Author page: Holly Lisle

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