Wreck of a blog tour

Enter to win a date with Shiloh Walker** (drinks at RT 2013 or Lori Foster/Duffy Brown RAGT)

She’s out to wreck her life…he’s out to remake it…check out Shiloh Walker’s WRECKED.


“What in the hell just happened?”

Zach’s lips touched the back of her neck. “Well, I’m no expert, but I think you kissed me,” he said, his voice teasing. “And I’m pretty sure we both enjoyed it. But maybe we should try again.”

And then she found herself on her back, staring up into a pair of dark blue eyes that she knew very, very well. They’d always seemed to glint with mischief, or trouble . . . but she’d never realized just how much they glinted with that kind of trouble.

Not until now.

As his mouth came down on hers again, Abby barely had time to catch her breath. Then she was wondering why she’d even bothered. He stole the oxygen right out of her with his kiss. His tongue stroked along hers, moving into her mouth with an easy assurance that belied his words.

I’m no expert.

Oh, yes. Yes, he was…

A WRECKED OF A BLOG TOUR mini interview

Q: Do you have a tattoo?

A: Yep…it’s a feather quill on the back of my right shoulder. Quills…writers. Made sense to me.

Q: How do you feel about friends to lovers romances?

A: I’m very partial to them…I married a guy I’d been mostly friends with all my life (I say mostly because I’d had a crush on him since I was 11.)

Q: Have you ever used the WRECK THIS JOURNAL thing?

A:I bought one…it inspired the idea behind WRECKED.

Q: Do you journal?

A: I played with the WRECK journal, and still have it sitting on my shelf. Did a few ideas inside it while I was writing the book, but I’m not much of a journaler. I do most of my writing in my books and my blog.

Q: Are you more like Zach (just let life happen) or Abby (try to plan things out)?

A: Mostly Zach…I let life happen, but I do tend to try and control stuff. I can’t plan worth crap, though and organization evades me. That would drive Abby nuts.

Answer the Qs and play along! Win a date with me & my laptop… or a copy of WRECK THIS JOURNAL.

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**The Fine Print**

**I’ll buy you a drink ~I can’t buy you alcohol if you’re under 21, though~ we’ll sit there and chat and while we drink, you can have ten minutes to poke around on my laptop (FYI, you won’t have access to all my books…but the winner gets a sneak peak at coming soon projects…ten minutes, max, and there will be no pictures, no copying, etc…)

If the winner isn’t able to attend either function, I’ll send you a GC for the cost of two drinks (approximate value is probably about $30 ~going by RT drink prices ~to BN or Amazon).

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