One picture, a thousand words

Beginnings are always difficult. We have an idea in our head, but … How do we capture it on paper?

Sometimes the problem is a totally different beast. What do I write about?

The blank page sometimes mutes us and our Muse, our creativity, runs away terrified by such whiteness and the nothingness she faces.

At such times, an image, a photograph may be what our Muse needs to get started and overcome the fear of emptiness because, in reality, there is no vacuum, but an evocative image.

Our Musa expresses herself in images. She likes colours, designs, images. And her language is that. Maybe that’s why a photograph, a drawing, can encourage her to talk, to narrate a story.

Photography is one of my passions, along with writing and teaching. Usually when I take a picture, I try to tell a story; although sometimes others cannot see it.

But my Muse can, and that’s what matters.

What story do these photographs tell you?

Photographs by Susana Merinero

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